5 Signs Your Car Needs Service

 5 Signs Your Car Needs Service

You change your oil regularly. You always switch out our car’s air filters. You do everything to keep your car running as well as possible. These are all essential to maintaining your car’s health, but even with all this preparation, things sometimes still go wrong. To help you make sense of it, and to keep you and your car safe, here are five signs your car needs auto service.

  1. My engine is stalling

A stalling engine could be due to a number of issues: no gas in your car, dirty air filters, bad spark plugs or an electrical issue, among others. If your engine stalls, find a trusted auto repair professional nearby or, if you’re in the Chicago area, stop by one of HEART Certified Auto Care’s three convenient locations: HEART Wilmette, HEART Northbrook, or HEART Evanston. Not addressing the issue can lead to costly car repairs, being stranded, and depleted fuel efficiency.


  1. My car is using more gas

Most of us know how often we have to fill up our car’s gas tank. Suddenly having to fill up more often means your car’s lost gas mileage — that is, it’s not using the gas as efficiently as possible. The fix here could be as simple as an oil change. It could also be something more complicated, such as a faulty spark plug.

If your car’s losing gas mileage, stop by HEART Certified Auto Care and we’ll have you squared away ASAP. In fact, 98% of our service is done same-day.

Also, it’s worth noting that it’s normal for fuel efficiency to drop in winter, when it takes longer for your car to warm to optimal temperature. If you live in cold places, consider warming your car up before hitting the roads this winter. Your car will run better and you’ll save money. It’s a win-win!


  1. My engine is making a knocking noise

Your car engine should run smoothly, without congestion or stalling. If your car engine suddenly starts making a knocking noise, almost like it’s trying to cough, chances are there are built up deposits clogging the system. This blockage greatly reduces your fuel efficiency and puts unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s engine. If your engine is knocking, come by HEART and we’ll have it cleared up quickly.


  1. My car exhaust smells weird

We all know what car exhaust should smell like, so if you notice one day yours suddenly smells odd, especially while idling, that could mean a few things: you may just need an oil change, or it could be that an interior belt has burned out or corroded. If it’s the latter, power steering and other essential functions can be impeded, putting you — and your car — in danger. If your car exhaust smells different than normal, call a local car repair professional or stop by HEART Certified Auto Care. And don’t worry if you need a new part. At Heart, we have an extensive stock of replacement parts to have you up and running like new.


  1. My check engine light is on

Is there anything more mysterious than your car’s “check engine” light? What does “check engine” even mean? Well, it could be a broken sensor, a misfiring cylinder, a faulty exhaust system, or even just a loose gas cap. We suggest tightening the cap first to see if that helps; if not, bring your car to one of HEART’s three convenient Chicago area locations: HEART Wilmette, HEART Northbrook, or HEART Evanston.We take pictures throughout our entire inspection, so you know what we know and can make informed decisions every step of the way.


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